Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Germany vs. Spain

After my Sunday game, I rested up until Wednesday when I headed south to Deggendorf, Germany to meet up with Jake Flaherty, my very good friend and former teammate from Syracuse University. Jake plays Linebacker for the Plattling Black Hawks and has been in Germany since March (he graduated one year ahead of me).

The plan was for me to hang out with him until the following Tuesday when we, along with a few of his American teammates, would start out on or road trip to the French Riviera and Italy. Deggendorf is about 1.5 hrs from Munich and they have some teammates with apartments there, so we decided to head to the city to watch the World Cup Quarterfinal Game at Munich’s Olympic Stadium.

After we dropped the car off at their teammate’s apartment we walked to Olympic Park where the stadium was located. Most of the buildings had a kind of spider web look to them, and seeing all the places where the events were held as we walked to the main stadium was pretty cool.

The place was packed with people and definitely had a buzz of anticipation as Germany prepared to play for a spot in the World Cup Final. There were beer stands all over the place and after everybody settled into their seats, there had to be at least 40,000-50,000 people in attendance.

The game between Germany and Spain was well played on both sides, but Spain eventually put the game away late. A disappointed crowd headed home after a tough defeat. It would have been cool to have Germany in the final because of the party that would have ensued, but their run was satisfying enough for me because of the experiences which came from their advancing as far as they did.

We, along with the rest of Munich (as best we could tell) headed home to get some rest because we were planning to do some sightseeing the next day before we drove back to Deggendorf.

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